Health Tip: 5 Ailments Turmeric Can Heal

Turmeric – A deep goldenish aromatic and taste rich spice that is distinctive in Indian dishes and curries isn’t just a delicious flavouring  and some fancy-schmancy exotic spice. It’s one of the most popularly studied spices in the world mind you. This statement proves that turmeric shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Herbalists and ayurvedic healers have long known that turmeric has amazing healing properties, and more are being discovered as research on it continues. It’s versatility goes beyond just adding it into curries but even to stir-fried vegetables, your favorite chicken or beef casserole and some have used it in smoothies for that extra ‘kick’.

Turmeric Kills Bacteria and Viruses

This spice has five healing properties, one of which, as a natural antibacterial and antiviral property. Good when someone needs an immune boost to fight flu or even a bronchial infection. Turmeric helps to kill off bacteria and viruses, I suppose much more reliable than the plethora of over the counter drugs. Helps the body to recover quickly as it has a bio-active substance that fights inflammation at the molecular level.

Turmeric Fights Cancer

Another healing property is that it fights cancer. The main active ingredient of turmeric, curcumin helps prevent many types of cancers including breast cancer or even prostate gland cancer, studies have shown.

Turmeric Detoxifies

Turmeric helps detoxify the liver too by promoting healthy liver functionality. The liver being the most important organ in the body helps digestion, blood sugar balance and the removal of bodily waste (toxins) that could harm the body if not excreted. With all that, it’ll surely need a good detox!

Turmeric Helps Arthritis

People suffering from chronic rheumatoid arthritis or Crohn’s disease have been urged to consume turmeric as it is able to treat and reduce inflammation significantly in the body.

Turmeric Helps With Weight Loss

If you want/need to lose weight, turmeric could play a vital role in boosting the metabolism and make the body easier to burn stored fat (that’s good news!) gradually getting rid of those unwanted kgs! (pounds, if you’re non-metric)

So, if you want to add spice (curry) into your diet, (once a week probably) this could just seem to be a tiny lifestyle change that could lead to a huge and unregrettable choice that will benefit you and your family.

The choice is yours.