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Steps For Better Product Photography in Natural Light

Taking photos of products can seem like a daunting task. If you look at a lot of advertising, you will find yourself inundated with a lot of high-end product photography that can seem (and probably is) out of reach for a novice. The thing is, not all product photography is equal. In many cases, a much simpler approach will do the job just fine.

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Dont Make These Mistakes When Buying A Camera

Here are 10 purchasing mistakes one should consider. Here’s a brief overview of the 10 mistakes he mentions: 1. Bad advice: Following the decisions of someone who doesn’t really know photography. 2. Underestimating what their money would buy: Temper your expectations. 3. Reality didn’t match ambitions: Know where your life is going. 4. Distracted by “special deals”: Having your purchases be influenced too much by sales. 5. Overthought the little items: Getting lost in insignificant details. 6. Thought more money would solve the problem: Is the most expensive gear really what you need? 7. Didn’t budget for the accessories: It’s

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