The Best Overnight Cure For Cough And Flu

I think the title says it all but I’ll break it down for you – If you’re sniffing and coughing, please pay attention to this cure for cough as this could help as it did me. Note: No antibiotics or over the counter flu medication was taken – as this was a self experiment.

What you will need:

  • Honey
  • Garlic
  • Lemon

Prepare the garlic by peeling off the outer skin and break off one clove (or two). Chop the clove to fine chunks enough for a teaspoon (table spoon probably, depending on your level of tolerance towards garlic)

Boil water, pour into a mug/cup and add one table spoon of honey (I used pure Australian honey), cut half a lemon and squeeze its juice into your mug/cup of water and honey.

Sip slowly and breath in the steam vapor (if your nose isn’t that blocked up).

Remember the garlic? Yeah, take one spoonful of the raw garlic and chew. (Yummy). You can either drink the honey lemon mixture first or you can alternate between a bit of garlic and honey lemon.


I recommend this to be done twice a day. After breakfast and after dinner (or before you sleep at night). Repeat this routine until you can feel your flu clear and your throat more soothed.

All the best of health to you.

Useful information and references

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I’m no health specialist or doctor. This is my personal experience and I’m just sharing this with all of you.

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